10 Significant Questions to Ask a Car Dealer When Negotiating a Better Deal

car buyingWhen purchasing your auto, there is that moment when the dealer will ask you, “Do we have a deal?” Before giving an affirmative response to this question, you need to consider your options. This is your last chance, and you better negotiate a better deal before signing that contract. Check to ensure if there might be any complications that might arise after you have signed the contract. Here are top 10 questions to ask your dealer so you can put off problems that might arise in future.

1. How many miles are on the car?

This is important if you haven’t seen the car yourself, maybe when you are purchasing through the internet. Usually, every new car has less than 10 miles. If your dealer tells you it has a couple of hundreds of miles, then you have every right to negotiate a better deal, since it is an indication that the car had been used, or it is a trade-in from another dealer. In such a case ask for a discount.

2. What extra fees will I be charged?

Since you had only seen the sales price of the car, confirm the other fees that you might be charged because its most certainly you will. There are legitimate charges that you are expected to pay which are registry costs, sales tax, and documentation fee. Then there are questionable fees that dealers might add on top so as to make extra profits. If you know this earlier, you can be able to avoid unwanted costs on your side.

3. Can the car be delivered?car dealership

Maybe you are shopping the car overseas, or through the internet, ask if your dealer can deliver the car to you. This will probably save you time and even transportation costs to the dealer’s showroom. Agree that you have a deal if they are willing to deliver the car. A dealer agent will arrive at your office or home with the contract documents, and you will only need to sign.

4. Does the car have any aftermarket parts added?

Sometimes the dealer adds items on cars to boost profits. The items that could be added include tinted windows, paint protection package, aftermarket alarms, mud flaps, etc. These are referred to as dealer ‘add-ons’. Other popular add-ons are vehicle recovery systems. Dealers usually add the system’s costs to the final price of the new car without telling the buyer. It is a good idea to know about these add-ons so that you can negotiate accordingly since they are there so the dealer can make more profit.

5. What is the cost of your documentation fee?

A documentation fee is usually chargeable when buying a new car. The dealer might be giving you a good deal on the car as a way of convincing you to buy it, and then put a higher fee on the documentation. If you know in advance, you can negotiate a lower price before you reach the stage of signing the contract.

6. What is the length of the loan and the interest rate?

This will give you an insight into how much you will be parting with at every given time span. The rate should not be the one that will put you in a fix.

7. Where can we find the nearest authorized repair center to my location?

You might buy a car on a great deal, but the closest repair center is miles away. You don’t want to end up paying towing fees when you run into complications.

8. What is the cost of the car after fees and licensing?

This question focuses on the actual cost of the car, away from the monthly payments and other fees. It is likely the dealer might have placed additional costs when discussing monthly payments. So knowing the actual value might help you negotiate a better deal and even lower the interest rates.

9. What is the warranty coverage?car dealer

This will help you know if there are free maintenance perks in the period covered by the warranty. The dealer should tell you what you will be paying for and what you won’t be paying for, since he is going to make a lot of money from you.

10. Has the car ever been damaged/Accident?

Shipping of vehicles from manufacturers might lead to lots of scrapes and dings, which are literally covered so that the car is sell-able. Ask if the car had been re-sprayed or dents removed. This will help you negotiate a better deal.

When you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions, you can comfortably tell the dealer, “Yes, we have a deal.”