Guide on Buying New Vs. Used Cars

car dealerBuying a car is the second largest expense after a house in most people’s life. The decision on whether to purchase a new or used car can be a challenging one. A new car is brought directly from a car dealership while a used car is bought from a private owner.

Do you want the pride of been the first owner of your brand new car or buy a slightly-used car that is still reliable and more affordable? Well, this decision cannot be clearly made without having an overview of the pros and cons of either buying a new or used car. We have made this work easier for you by clearly outlining the advantages and disadvantages of either of the purchase.

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10 Tips to Guide You on Buying an Energy Efficient Car

Electric carEnergy efficiency refers to doing more with less energy. The benefits are many; it saves the environment by cutting down on pollution, it improves the economy by making businesses and governments save on a bigger scale, it saves you money by the reducing the overall cost you incurred on fuel yearly, it enhances the quality of life. When purchasing a car, it is advisable to consider fuel-efficient or alternative fuel vehicles. Finding the most fuel efficient vehicle that exactly fits your lifestyle can be a challenge, here are ten tips to guide you through;

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7 Tricks Used by Car Dealers to Trick Buyers into Buying Cars at Higher Cost.

car salesmanBuying a car can be tricky even if it is not your first time. Car dealers have dealt with many buyers and therefore understand how to twist the car negotiation process to their advantage. They will use different tricks at their disposal to ensure they end up with a great profit that it should be. Here are seven tricks you should watch out at the dealership showrooms.

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All You Need to Know About Car Insurance

insurance policyCar insurance is meant to help the policyholder meet the costs of damages or losses incurred in the unfortunate event of theft, accident and fire and thus it is very crucial for any driver apart from just being a legal requirement. As a car owner, you must evaluate your situation, your needs, driving history, where you stay and what is available in the market before deciding on a particular policy.

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Fundamentals of Car Maintenance and Servicing

flat tireA car breakdown can be very frustrating especially when you are in a hurry or the middle of nowhere, and there are no auto shops nearby. Avoiding such scenarios is only possible by ensuring that you have your car serviced on regular basis. However, you can also check particular things on your car to understand whether your car is safe to drive. We shall focus on the basics that every driver needs to know about his car that can save him great frustrations

1. Matters Dealing With Tires

i. Pressure
Checking your tire pressure is quite easy. It is important to do so at least twice in a week. If you find the wheel pressure wanting, take the car to the garage and have a technician fill the pressure. Low tire pressure will not only make driving uncomfortable, but it also affects the fuel use of your car. Proper tire checking will help avoid any chances of your car breaking down.

Accidents are unfortunate circumstances that are never expected. However, in case of a breakdown, you many need the services of reputable companies such as Fredericksburg Towing, ( – for full service towing, rescue or recovery. Such companies additionally offer free instant quotes plus special bonus coupons, related to car maintenance and servicing.

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10 Significant Questions to Ask a Car Dealer When Negotiating a Better Deal

car buyingWhen purchasing your auto, there is that moment when the dealer will ask you, “Do we have a deal?” Before giving an affirmative response to this question, you need to consider your options. This is your last chance, and you better negotiate a better deal before signing that contract. Check to ensure if there might be any complications that might arise after you have signed the contract. Here are top 10 questions to ask your dealer so you can put off problems that might arise in future.

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12 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Auto

car buying researchSitting behind your own set of wheels for the first time is one great experience in life. But the process of buying a car can be overwhelming since everyone makes mistakes and car buyers are no exception. Nevertheless, if you are knowledgeable and well prepared, then you can walk into that dealership confident and in charge of the process. Here are 12 mistakes to avoid;

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7 Easy Steps to Buying a Car for the First Time

first carHaving a ride of your own is completely going to change the way you live and the things you can do. Nothing could be more exciting than cruising down a highway in the driver’s seat of a car that is yours. Most definitely you will be driving that car for some years, so it is important that you like it.

The car has to fit into things that are important to you ranging from top safety features, maybe more miles per hour, a superb sound system or whatever could project your image clearly. Making it to the best first-time car buyer is not easy, but it is worth doing well and here are seven steps to guide you through;

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